Fortress of St. Mihovila is situated in a favorable position at the foot of which medieval Šibenik developed. It was built on a steep rock, about seventy meters above sea level, which controls and defends the mouth of the river Krka, but also other important traffic routes to the north and south of Dalmatia. Archaeological finds suggest that it has provided protection to the local population since Illyrian times. It owes its name to the church dedicated to Archangel Michael, which has been located inside the fortress since the earliest times.

The symbolic connection between the fortress and the city is visible on several levels - from the walls of the fortress came the city walls that surrounded and protected Šibenik for centuries, and St. Michael has been the heavenly protector of the city since the earliest period. These two claims are clearly shown on the oldest city seal from the 13th century, which depicts an archangel watching over the city walls.

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