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Zadar & Surroundings natural beauties of great diversity

Experience Zadar

Zadar is a city of romance and love, a place of passion and spirit! With an extraordinary position and environment, magnificent material, the richness of Zadar lies in its openness to new art forms and new ideas that complement the offer.

Zadar is located in the center and near five national parks: Plitvice Lakes, Kornati, Northern Velebit, Krka, Paklenica.


Zadar is like an open-air museum in which its magnificent and permanent museum exhibition is led by picturesque streets and narrow streets, and the city walls are the ancient guardians of this historical museum. As you step away from the ramparts, you will come across new city attractions such as Sun Salutation or the Sea Organ that testify to the city and its indestructible inspiration.

Sun Salutation

Modern installation Sun Salutation composed of 300 multilayer glass panels in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 22 meters. Throughout the day, it collects solar energy and converts it into electricity, which is then used in and around the installation during the night.

Sea organ

The world-famous Sea Organ is a unique blend of architecture and music. They are located next to the Greeting to the Sun installation, and are made up of an organ whose sound is created under the influence of the energy of the sea, ie waves and tides.

Church of St. Donat

The Church of St. Donat in Zadar is the most valuable monument of pre-Romanesque architecture of the early Middle Ages. It has been out of the sacral function for a long time, and from the end of the 19th century until 1954 it housed the Zadar Archaeological Museum.

Nin Riviera

Nin is the oldest Croatian royal city and the birthplace of the Croatian state. Today, Nin is a modern tourist destination that offers all kinds of activities for individuals and families. Here you can find sandy beaches, beautiful intimate coves and fun vacation spots of the highest quality.

Destinations of the Nin Riviera: Zaton, Vir, Privlaka, Vrsi.


Nin Riviera is an oasis of sandy beaches, natural diversity and rich history.

Salt Museum (Nin)

The Salt and Souvenir Museum is an exceptional attraction of the Nin Saltworks, rich in exhibits that were used, and are still partly used today in the traditional production and collection of salt.

Catch happiness (Nin)

One of Gregory's bronze statues, the work of the famous Ivan Meštrović, is located in Nin near the church of St. Anselma. According to legend, if you touch his big toe all your wishes will come true, so come and try your luck!

Church of St. Križ (Nin)

Church of St. Križ, called "the smallest cathedral in the world", is one of the most significant symbols of Nin.


In addition to beautiful beaches, Zaton has the largest and most awarded camping resort in this area.

Biograd Riviera

Biograd na Moru - or simply Biograd - in addition to being a beautiful resort on the coast, is also an important nautical center located on a small peninsula in the heart of the Adriatic coast. The city is surrounded by exceptional nature, and visitors can explore the many nearby national parks and nature parks, admire the rich and interesting cultural heritage or enjoy the excellent sandy and pebble beaches and wonderful promenades.

Destinations: Biograd, Pakostane, Sveti Filip i Jakov.


Biograd Riviera connects the best of the islands, coast and hinterland through great tourist and gastronomic events enriched in recent years with a diverse offer of active holidays.

Soline Beach (Biograd)

It is one of the favorite sandy beaches of Biograd, and is located in the southern part of the city and include a wide range of various cafes, restaurants and other catering facilities. It is surrounded by pine trees in the shade of which you can seek refreshment and salvation from the scorching summer sun.

Vrana lake

It is one of 11 Croatian nature parks and a rare example of crypto-depression and also the largest lake in the Mediterranean part of Croatia. It is a natural phenomenon of a submerged karst field and one of the largest wetlands. Numerous species of endangered birds live on Vrana Lake.

Explore the islands

The island of Pašman

Pašman is a beautiful island of the Zadar archipelago which is extremely rich in sandy beaches, impressive flora and fauna and numerous bays.

Sakarun Beach (Dugi otok)

Sakarun is considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world and owes its reputation to the fine white sand and turquoise color of the sea which is incredibly clear.

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