The town of Ploče is situated at the edge of the Neretva valley, on the mouth of the river. It encompasses the settlements Baćina, Banja, Komin, Peračko Blato, Plina Jezero, Ploče, Rogotin, Stablina, Staševica and Šarić Struga. Today Ploče is the second busiest cargo port in Croatia. Baćina lakes, situated inland behind the town, are a beautiful feature attracting many tourists. The 15 kilometre cycling and hiking path connects five of the seven lakes in Baćina. The lakes are habitat to many protected species of animals and plants. Nature enthusiasts would surely enjoy a visit to the ichthyo-ornithological nature reserve “Parila“ in the western part of the valley. Tourists can also enjoy photo-safari programmes as well as sports such as kayaking, paddle-surfing etc. The mouth of the river Neretva also offers many sport activities such as kiteboarding, windsurfing, beach volleyball etc. The town of Ploče also has a summer festival which includes many popular events. One of them is the fishermen's night, a festival of local food and Dalmatian music held on the last Saturday in August in Ploče and on the 5th of August in Baćina. Another interesting tradition is the “Plokanje“ tournament, which is an ancient game preserved in the hills around the Neretva valley. The aim of the game is to throw large and heavy stones („ploke“) near a smaller stone („lek“). Accommodation in the area of Ploče can be found in Hotel Bebić on the promenade in the centre of town, as well as in many private houses and apartments for rent. 

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